Longmen CNC measuring machine is a large scale CNC type video measuring machine developed by our company independently.It can realize high efficiency and accurate measure large quanitities of workpieces.It is suitable for the inspection and quality control of preision parts.In the machinery,electornics,hardware and other industries have been widely used.


1.High precision overall measurement,Z axis CNC control.

2.High precision and high strenght machine:00 marble base/upright column/worktable,high precision and good stability.

3.XYZ thress axis imported precision V type guide rail/imported grinding level ball screw drive system,long service life,good stablity.

4.High precision grating ruler 0.5μm.

5.WM continuous zoom optical lens,different frames,different magnification,no need zoom correction.

6.HD japanese SONY CCD camera,high quality measuring screen.

7.Auxiliary focusing measurement,optical measuring altitude and flatness,and can be equipped with the British RENISHAW contact probe.

8.Program controlled three ring eight area surface light,LED profile light,coaxial light.Different products with different color light.

9.Equipped with Control handle,easy to opreate at any place.

10.The laser pointer indicates the positions of measuring,rapid positioning and convenient measurement.


Machine ModelCNC-1012DCNC-1016DCNC-1218DCNC-1525D
Work tableX/Y axis travel mm1000*12001000*16001200*18001500*2500
Z axis travel mmEffective space is 245mm,focusing stroke is 200mm,work distance is 95mm
Mental table size mm1200*14001200*18001400*20001700*2700
Glass table size mm1100*13001100*17001300*19001600*2600
Drive typeX/Y/Z axis precision linear guide, grinding ball screw drive.
Measure drive systemOptical scale resolution:X/Y/Z axis 0.0005mm(0.5μm)
Measure accuracy:≤3μm+L/200 reapeatability accuracy:≤3μm+L/200
Z axis high performance servo motor,double closed loop control system.
Image SystemCamera:Japanese SONY CCD video magnification 30-230X
Len:high definition zoom lens/Continuous magnification 0.7-4.5X

Can match 0.5X objective lens,total magnification:15-115X

Can match 2X objective lens,total magnification:60-460X

Light systemSurface light and projection light,cold light,long life,brightness adjustable.
Machine external dimension1750*2100*16501750*2650*16502000*2850*16502400*3500*1650
Weight kg2800360045005500


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