LC2100 High Performance Liquid Chromatograph Tester

Technical characteristics

★ infusion pump check valve, sealing ring imported from Switzerland original, imported core components to ensure the pump running life and accuracy;


★ Can set automatic pressure protection, ultra low pressure automatic alarm stop, to ensure the safe operation of the instrument;


★ Double plunger floating in series, pump head self-washing function, prolong the service life of the sealing ring, reduce the pressure pulsation, stable and reliable;


Programmed solvent class and compression factor can be automatically compensated; Complete pre-cleaning function for quick solvent replacement;


★ Three flow correction curves and * multi-point parameter correction, to ensure the accuracy of * flow;


★ High pressure equal degree or gradient mode, can be controlled by software operation, providing work efficiency;

LC2100 High Performance Liquid Chromatograph TesterLC2100 High performance liquid chromatograph

Technical parameters:

Flow range                        0.001ml/min ~ 10.000ml/min, step size set 0.001ml/min

Flow accuracy                   Accuracy <=±1% (1.0ml/min,8.5mpa, methanol, room temperature)

Flow stability                      RSD < = 0.25%

Maximum working pressure     42Mpa

Pressure pulsation            < 0.1Mpa (1.0ml/min,8.5mpa, methanol, room temperature)

Control mode                    RS-232 interface, computer anti – control

Power supply                    AC220 60HZ

Power consumption         100W

Overall dimension            360*260*170mm, 13kg

Wavelength range           190nm-740nm

Wavelength accuracy      ±1nm

Wavelength repeatability    + / – 0.1 nm

Spectral bandwidth          8nm

Baseline noise                 ≤0.5×10-5AU (methanol, 1ml/min, 254nm, 20℃)

Baseline drift                    ≤±1×10-4AU (methanol, 1ml/min, 254nm, 20℃)

Minimum detection concentration            ≤4×10-9g/ml (naphthalene/methanol solution)

Flow cell volume            Analytical type :10μL

Optical path                   10mm

Light source                  Optional deuterium/tungsten lamp

LC2100 High Performance Liquid Chromatograph Tester

UV2100 UV Visible Detector:


★ Adopt the optical detection system imported from the United States, alternating light path design.


★ High intelligence, can realize network platform monitoring, improve your work efficiency.


★ UV detector has automatic wavelength positioning adjustment, automatic zeroing, multi-range output selection;


★ D2 lamp (German original) : life of 2000 hours;

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