LR-023C Anti Static Tester For Shoes

Introduction to the instrument: The tester is mainly used to measure the resistance value of shoes to understand their antistatic properties.

Reference standards: In line with GB/T20991-2007, EN ISO20344-2012, CSA /CAN-Z195, SATRA, GB/21146-2007 and other standards.

LR-023C Anti Static Tester For Shoes

Voltage range: DC50V, DC100V, DC500V(optional).

Test range: 1×10 3—2×10 9 Ohm

Test accuracy: ±2%, ±5%, ±10% with the test range and change.

Use of the environment: temperature 0-40℃, humidity: 20-90% R.H.

Volume: 36*33*16cm.

Weight: 6.8kg.

Power source: AC220V,50HZ.

Attachment: With 5mm stainless steel beads 4kg.

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