Use of alcohol rubber abrasion tester
It is suitable for testing abrasion resistance of all kinds of surfaces, such as mobile phone, MP3, CD player, portable computer and various surface coating test products, and abrasion resistance test of surface and printing surface of all kinds of products.

Design standards: GB/T6545/1539/454, ISO2759/2758, CNS2054/1353, ASTM D2210

Technical parameters of alcohol rubber abrasion tester
1. Host: sub – surface brushed stainless steel
2, friction frequency: adjustable speed frequency
3, friction counter: automatic counter, automatic speed regulation, adjustment 0-9999 times
4, test speed: automatic speed regulation 0-60 times/minute (0-120 times round trip).
5. Friction distance :10mm-50mm can be adjusted freely
6. Test bar: the required distance can be adjusted up and down
7. Overall size: 55x40x31 (LxWxH) cm
8. Working size :40*25(L*W)cm
9. Weight :20 kg

Performance characteristics of alcohol rubber abrasion tester
1. The machine has the functions of adjustable speed and adjustable stroke;
2. Display the current test speed and test times;
3, multi-function counter, can preset the number of times to test, automatic stop function;
4, with two kinds of fixture: eraser test fixture, alcohol test fixture
5. Automatic memory function in case of power failure.

Standard accessories for alcohol rubber abrasion tester:
1. There are 2 lifting bars of 70g± 1 for testing
2. Two alcohol rubber friction heads
3. weight 500 g ± 0.5 2 pieces
4. Weight 200 g ±0.5 2 pieces
5. Weight 100 g± 0.5 2 PCS
6. Weight 50 gg ± 0.5 2 pieces
7. Weight 30 g ±0.5 2 PCS

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