Touch screen click line test machine
Equipment usage:
touch screen click marking testing machine is a set of precision machinery, automatic control marking in one of the high-tech products.This machine is mainly used for the durability test of drawing, clicking and rubbing on the hand screen and touch screen of mobile phones, talking phones, electronic dictionaries and other small consumer electronic products.This product has the strong function, the programming is simple, the operation is convenient, the price is low and so on merit.

Equipment features:
1. Motion track and test: convenient coordinate point finding function. It is only necessary to take three points in the program to generate motion tracks such as circle and triangle, and two points to draw lines and four points to draw rectangles.
2. Stepper motor with linear guide rail and ball screw as motion mechanism, accurate positioning, high precision, low noise;Long and durable, etc.
3. Real-time display of current X and Y coordinates, motor driving speed, real-time position changes, etc.;
4. The surface of the machine is made of high rigid aluminum and treated by anodic oxidation, which is rich in texture.
5. XY axis is driven by stepping motor and driven by ball screw, with high speed and low noise, durable;

Touch screen click line test machine

Equipment parameters:
X-axis movement range: 0 ~ 300mm
Y axis movement range: 0 ~ 300mm
Click the cylinder stroke: 0 ~ 15mm
Positioning accuracy: 0.05mm
Moving speed: 30-3000mm/min
Pressure range: 0 ~ 800gf
Volume: 750 x 600 x 450mm
Weight: 80 kg
Power supply: AC220V

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