Pneumatic key life testing machine is widely used to test the service life of various keys and keyboards.

Pneumatic key life testing machine uses cylinder drive to drive the keys up and down, so that the keys or the keyboard will move relative to the probe. A good clamping method enables your test to be accurate and productive.

Pneumatic key life testing machine

Technical parameters
Test station: two samples can be tested at the same time
Control mode: touch screen setting input direct action, simple and convenient action
Action mode: the cylinder drives the probe to do up and down reciprocating movement
Test speed: 10 ~ 60 times/min, manually adjustable
Test cell phone thickness: 10 ~ 50mm
Mobile phone clamping fixture: clamp the lower cover on both sides
Height adjustment: manual and direct adjustment
Machine size: 500 450 520mm
Power source: 220 v
Weight: about 100kg

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