Button keyboard life testing machine is suitable for key switch, computer keyboard, conductive rubber, metal shrapnel key (commonly known as pot) or the same type of life aging test, USES the advanced programmer life test process control buttons, can conduct life test and conducting tests at the same time, key damage automatic stop, always “conduction” or object to be tested is always “no conduction, the machine will stop running in 8 seconds.

Button keyboard life testing machine

Technical parameters:
1. Number of test products: 1PCS
2, counter: 8 bit, power off memory
3. Stretching stroke of test head: 0-20mm
4. Test speed: 0-300 times/min
5. Strike switch contact force: 0-500gf adjustable
6. Lifting platform stroke: 60mm
7. Machine size: about W500 D420 H760mm
8. Machine weight: about 90Kg
9. Power supply: AC220V 5A

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