Notebook computer keyboard key life testing machine can test the durable life of the keys and various other buttons and switches of notebook computer, mobile phone and handheld computer.

GB/ t4967-95 silicone rubber and keypad life test shall be equivalent to JIS IEC standard
Can test several products at the same time (each product can be multi-point test), and each button can set different pressure and different pressure.This machine adopts panasonic servo motor of Japan, mitsubishi PLC of Japan, high precision touch screen of Taiwan, NHK of Japan, high precision bearing of the whole machine, CNC machining part of the whole machine, which has the advantages of low noise and low failure rate.
Using motor driven eccentric to move the connecting rod up and down so as to hit the keys;Results set the counter test times, so as to determine the quality of silicone keys.

Notebook computer keyboard key life testing machine

Technical specifications:
Action stroke 10mm (fixed)
The workpiece height adjustment range is 100mm
Clamping capacity: 400× 300mm
The mounting range of the probe is 350× 250mm
Number of trials: 999999 10
The test speed :60-300rpm
The load range : 50-450g
Adjust the height of the probe by 15mm
Number of probe: 15 (expandable to 120)
Minimum interval between two probe
10mm in the X direction and 20mm in the Y direction
Appearance size: 520* 420 *980mm
Weight: 110 kg
AC voltage: 220 v

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