LR-214 Plug and pull force testing machine

Plug and pull force testing machine is suitable for various connector plug and pull test, using embedded microcomputer measurement and control technology, can simultaneously display the insertion force, pull force, real-time force value, and has a number of Settings, adjustable speed travel, and display speed value, automatic zero, unit conversion, etc..Rotary eccentric power design, so that the test speed and test stroke is not related to the long, short stroke of the connector, test is also fast.It is the most cost-effective plug and pull life testing machine in the market.

LR-214 Plug and pull force testing machine

Professional clamping method makes your test precise and effective.
※ speed regulating motor, speed adjustable;Angle adjustable
The number of tests can be set and counted separately. Each station works independently.
LR-214 Plug and pull force testing machine

Technical parameters
1. Frequency range: 0~999999
2. Transmission mode: rotating eccentric wheel
3. Display mode: large-screen LCD real-time display
4. Plugging force range: 0~50kg
5. Resolution of minimum plugging force: 0.01kg
6. Stroke adjustment range: 0~50MM
7. Test speed: 0~60 times/min (digital display)
8. Automatic origin reset can be set
9. Conversion of two units: N and KG
10. Machine size: 550(D)*470(W)*450(H)mm
11. Working voltage: single-phase 220V
12. Main circuit fuse: 2A

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