LR-219 Mobile phone double drum drop tester

Mobile phone double drum drop tester

Technical parameters
1. Experiment speed: 5~20 times/min
2. Drum test height: 0.5m + 1.0m
3. Number of drum experiment bins: 2
4, count: 8-bit touch screen display counter (1~99999999)
5. Maximum weight: 5kg
6, electric source: 1 trip, AC220V/380V
7. Overall size: W1300*H1520*D1700 (mm)
8. Weight :(about) 200kg

Range of application
This machine is suitable for rolling and falling test of mobile phone and other similar products.
Suitable for mobile phone, cell phone battery, PDA, electronic dictionary, CD, MP3 and other small and light portable electronic products and connectors.

LR-219 Mobile phone double drum drop tester

Applicable standards
The test equipment shall meet the test conditions of international standard JIS C 60068-2-32 IEC 60068-2-32;The manufacturing technology of the roller meets the appendix standard GB/ t2423.8-1995.

The test sample should be dropped on the board with thickness of 15mm and 3mm steel plate (steel no. 45). The steel plate should be smooth, hard and firm.
2 requirements of the frame and door handle is aluminum alloy profile, solid, not shaking, profile door handle smooth, each connection hinge and frame with the same color, good performance, safe and reliable;
3. The surface of the roller is painted white, and the fuselage and the roller surface are affixed with safety labels.
4. The control panel and surrounding area are consistent with the surface treatment of the roller, which is painted milky white.
5 emergency brake button is on the control panel;
6 speed control motor control motion state, ensure stop at any position;
7 the test speed is 5-20 times /min, and can be suspended at any time of falling to confirm the damage condition;
8. Test height of the drum is 500mm or 1000mm;
9 test times :1~99999999 (settable)LCD display, with power off memory function, when the set number of automatic stop;

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