Mobile phone,Battery drum drop tester

I. application:
Drum drop tester is suitable for mobile phone, PDA, electronic dictionary, CD/MP3 continuous rotary (drop) test.
Iec60068-2-32, GB/T2324.8, applicable standards for mobile phone drum drop test machine
Equipment parameters:
Drum model: hk-dlg-0.5 hk-dlg-0510 hk-dlg-0505 hk-dlg-1010 (optional)

Ii. Technical parameters
1.Number of rollers -1 / set or 2/3 / optional
2.Operation mode: button (touch screen optional)
3.Action components: speed reducer motor
4.Allowable specimen weight -5kg(Max)
5.Drop height of 500mm (1000mm) is optional
6.Width of drum 270-350mm (optional)
7.Rotation speed 5-20 times /min
8.Test times 1-999999 (adjustable)
9.Machine size (W*D*H) 900*600*800mm/1200*850*1200mm
10.The machine weighs 65kg
11.Power supply -AC 220V power: 300W (including motor)

drum drop testing machine test purpose
1.Durability of the case.
2.The resistance of the internal structure to (heavy) falls.
3.Adaptive to repeated free falls.
Description of testing process of mobile phone drum drop tester
In the process of simulating the user’s use, the free falling action of the mobile phone is tested.
Put the mobile phone into the drum manually close the transparent cover and protective device turn the drum counterclockwise by the motor turn it once and drop it twice.

function of mobile phone drum falling test machine
1. Realize the drum rotation by motor (5 revolutions/min).
2. Drop height of 500mm, one station working at the same time.
3.The roller structure ensures random drop of the mobile phone to avoid non-standard friction and collision.

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