Equipment usage:
Mobile phone hard press tester can simulate mobile phones and other products, imitate the human repeated seat pressure life test, with a certain hardness of the round rod aluminum as the pressure head, cylinder drive, adjust a certain pressure of 17kg, after measuring the number of times to see the extent of damage.It meets the standard of YD/T 1539-2006.Mobile handsets were not packing, put on the form a complete set of battery on the boot lock the keyboard face, body and fixed bracket of axial vertically placed in the aluminum extrusion of round head 12 cm in length (250 + 10) N, 15-30 times per minute 1000 times, the frequency of the extrusion sample after the function, appearance and assembly shall comply with the requirements of related standard.Folding, sliding and rotating structure of the handheld machine, should be in its closed cover state of the test.
Equipment technical parameters:

1. Test maximum sample: 200cm*10cm, adjustable within 4cm height
2. Use electric control
3. Working frequency: 10~60 times/min
4. One set of calibration device and 100kg pressure sensor
5. Alarm time: 5-10 seconds (fixed)
6, head requirements: choose round aluminum bar
7. Machine size: about 450*330*500mm
8. Weight: 40kg
9. Power supply: ac220/50hz

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