LR-236 FPC Bend test machine


FPC Bend test machine is mainly used for flexural testing of flexible circuit board (commonly known as flexible circuit board).Such as mobile phones, pdas, electronic dictionaries, laptops and other electronic products FPC soft board flexural, flexural life testing.

LR-236 FPC Bend test machine

Product parameters:
1. Test station: 1
2. Test Angle: 10-150 (touch screen setting)
3. Test speed: 10-120 times/min (touch screen setting)
4. Test stroke: 15-100mm (manual adjustable)
5. Maximum width and opening width of test fixture: 100mm
6. Test fixture: one set of lower end movable fixture and upper end movable fixture
7. Test times counter: 0~999999 times (can be preset, reach times and product break automatically stop)
8. Test function: the touch screen sets the Angle, frequency, speed, etc., with the unique conduction function, automatic stop counting function when disconnected, automatic origin finding and other functions
9. Machine size (L W H) : 450 380 700mm
10. Machine weight: 45kg
11. Working power supply: AC220V, 50HZ

Product features:
1. The machine is driven by stepper motor, with high precision, accurate positioning, low noise, and can be used for a long time;
2. Reset the program-controlled origin, no need to set the fixture in place by hand;
3. The machine adopts touch screen display controller as program input;
4. The test Angle, speed, test times, and motor return to the origin can be set and counted automatically. When the product is bent and broken and cannot be energized, the operation can be stopped automatically.

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