Mobile phone case bending tester is mainly used for mobile phone protection for bending test;During the test, the sample is fixed on the fixture, and repeated bending is carried out under the specified bending Angle and times to judge the bending strength.

LR-238 Mobile phone case bending tester

Product parameters:
1. Test station: 1
2. Test Angle: 10-150 (touch screen setting)
3. Test speed: 10-100 times/min (touch screen setting)
4. Test fixture: one set of left end movable fixture and right end movable fixture
5. Test times: 0~999999 times (can be preset to automatically stop the test times)
6. Test function: touch screen setting Angle, frequency, speed, etc
7. Machine size (L W H) : 420 300 450mm
8. Machine weight: 40kg
9. Working power supply: AC220V, 50HZ

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