LR-401 Rubber two roll mill machine

Working principle:

The mixer is an open type batch mixing equipment of plastic material, which is composed of two parallel collocated rollers with adjustable interroll clearance.

Its main function is to mix the raw materials, plasticizing, calender to provide mixed plasticizing uniform melting material.In the rubber refining process, the mill mainly relies on the extrusion and shearing effect of two relatively rotating rollers on the rubber materials. After repeated kneading and mixing, the mixing process will also be accompanied by chemical action, breaking the macromolecular chain inside the rubber, so that the various components inside the rubber materials are mixed and dispersed evenly, and finally the rubber refining purpose is achieved.

Range of application

Mainly used for rubber and its products, plastic and its products polyolefin, PVC, film, roll, profile production and polymer blend, pigment, masterbatch, stabilizer, stabilizer and other industries, its main use is to test raw materials in mixing, its physical properties change, comparison.Be like: the dispersive sex of color, pervious to light, glossiness of material surface, the intensity after trying to assist material, plasticity, hardness to wait.

Product features

1) high hardness chrome-plated roller, high temperature resistance, fast heat conduction, anti-corrosion, high surface hardness, hardness up to HRC50~60.

2) roller surface treatment process: rough machining, drilling, pre-grinding, heat treatment, fine grinding, electroplating, grinding and polishing.

3) sihua special customized heating rod, heating power is different in different regions, so that the surface temperature of the roller is always balanced.

4) the use of Taiwan city motor deceleration, high specific speed deceleration motor, compared with other transmission motor energy saving 80%, coupled with heavy hinge transmission, ensure its smooth operation and very low noise.

5) adjust the distance between the hand wheels and the dial display, which can be set according to the need, so as to obtain different specimen rolling thickness (adjustable from 0.1 mm to 5mm) for the test.

6) the temperature controller adopts Japanese RKC, LED temperature controller and high-precision sensor, with the functions of automatic temperature compensation and PID self-tuning to ensure the temperature balance.

7) frequency converter adopts Taiwan delta vfd-m type frequency converter, adopts physical output, can directly read the existing speed of the drum, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, more convenient to use and operate (optional configuration)

8) perfect emergency stop setting. Safety anti-special device (standard equipment) can be installed at any position of the operation platform to ensure the safe use of personnel and equipment to the maximum extent.

9) highly humanized operation design reduces the labor intensity of operators.

10) there are a variety of speeds and speed ratios to choose from, which can meet the requirements of different formulas and different processes for the majority of users.

11) electric heating, oil heating, mold heating, steam heating, etc. can be designed flexibly according to the experimental requirements of customers, to meet the special design requirements of customers in the shortest time, modular structure, the customer can choose a variety of structures.

12) the design structure is simple and bright, easy to operate, no need to install, connected to the wire, pipeline can work.

The frame, gland and base are all welded structure, after annealing to remove stress, beautiful appearance.

Technical Specification

LR-401AE-120 Double roller mixer (constant speed)

Mixing capacityAbout 500g
Roller sizeф<120mm>×L350mm

Roll material

KDBHigh carbon steel solid material (high temperature quenching, hole digging, etc.)
Roller surface treatmentHigh hardness chrome mirror finish
Roll surface hardnessHRC55~60
Roller spacing0.1-5mm Adjustable dial display
Roller speed ratio1:1.25~1:3.0
Roller rotation speed21:18r/min
heating methodElectric heating (taizhan heater, Taiwan)
Temperature controllerJapanese RKC temperature controller
Temperature control accuracy±2℃
Heating power1.8KW×2
Motor1HP 1 reducer motor (Taiwan city-state motor, no maintenance for life)
Transmission deviceJapan NSK imported bearings, heavy hinged transmission, hard surface gear, smooth operation very low noise
Safety deviceReverse turnstile, knee contact quick stop and reverse (standard)

Install safety lever above the roller (optional)

Install emergency push button device at any designated position at both ends of the operation platform (optional)

Baffle platePolytetrafluoroethylene, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to damage the roller surface
castorWith brake caster, easy to move and fix, bearing more than 500KG
ColorYellow standard or customer specified
Rate of power10HP
WeightAbout 340㎏


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