LR-406B press vulcanizer,Rubber curing press machine

Working principle: the raw material is placed in the mold, sandwiched between the electric heating plate of the machine, and the pressure and temperature are applied to shape the raw material for testing.
Application: suitable for rubber, plastic, pp,pa, PE,abs. Pigment, oil, chemical raw materials.The raw materials are placed in the mold and sandwiched between the electric heating plate of the machine.
Product features:
Tablet press, compact size complete functions, temperature stability and low noise.Make r & d easy to operate, save material, accurate temperature.Suitable for laboratory research and development.
1. Imported KDB high carbon steel solid electric heating plate material, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fast heat transfer, high hardness, not easy to deformation.
2. Built-in dense point heating wire and high-precision temperature sensor (Japanese platinum resistance temperature sensor) with Japanese RKC(temperature controller) LED temperature controller, with automatic temperature compensation and PID self-tuning function, to ensure temperature balance.
3. Working area of two layers: upper layer heating and lower layer cooling
4. Advantages: after special treatment of the interior of the heating platen and cooling platen, hot pressing experiments can be carried out according to customer requirements.Can complete the upper thermal pressure and lower cooling shaping.
5. Pressure range: 30T, maximum stroke of oil cylinder: 180mm.
6. Taiwan brand high-performance hydraulic system, with automatic pressure compensation function, can preset the time of first pressure and second pressure, automatic pressure and pressure relief, supplemented by high-precision cylinder, capacity up to 30T.
7. High precision, high wear resistant guide column, strong loading force, smooth lifting, extremely wear resistant.
8. Highly humanized operation design reduces the labor intensity of the operator.
9. A variety of operation interface display and equipment non-standard customization are available for selection, which can meet the requirements of different recipes and different processes of users.
10. The design structure is simple and clear, easy to operate, no need to install, and it can work when connected to electric wires and pipelines.
11. The frame, gland and base are all welded structure, after annealing to remove stress, the appearance is beautiful and generous.
Technical Specification

Model4 Column
Capacity10T(20T、30T adjustable)
Open mold wayFully automatic ascending and descending
Control PanelChinese,English
Temperature controllerJapan original import RKC digital temperature controller, LED display button setting input
Temperature control accuracy±2℃
Temperature signal solid state modulatorTaiwan brand Solid State Relay English name is Solid State Relay, referred to as SSR
HeaterTaiwan taizhan heater
Temperature control modeP.I.D self-setting mode with high-precision sensor (Japanese platinum resistance temperature sensor) has automatic temperature compensation function to ensure temperature balance
Hydraulic systemHigh performance hydraulic system, with automatic pressure compensation function, automatic pressure protection during pressure
TimerLED digital display 0.1s ~ 99M ~ 9.9h (time adjustable)
Electric heating board materialImported digital model KDB high carbon steel solid material (high temperature resistance, corrosion, quick thermal reaction, etc.)
Hot plate surfaceChromium plating process
Layer qty2 layer working area (upper template heating, lower template cooling)
Area of electric heating plate300×300mm
Heating methodsElectric heating
Hot platenTwo layers of hot pressing plate, one layer with 6 heating pipes x 2 layers, each of which has a power of 400W, and the total power of heating pipes: 4.8kw
Cooling wayTap water circulation cooling (no pollution and free discharge)
Cooling plate area300×300mm
Spacing of heating plates0~70mm
Safety deviceSafety cover (outer cover with safety cover and limit switch)
castorWith brake caster, easy to move and fix, bearing more than 500KG
ColorYellow and white standard or customer specified (paint)
Rate of powerAbout 9KW
Power3∮,AC380V       weight about 710kg
Machine size(W×D×H)About 1000×600×1500mm>
AccessoriesStainless steel mirror pressing plate  1set    Cleaning wax 1pcs Mold frame: inner frame size150*150mm  thickness 1mm 2sets (The size can be customized according to customer requirements)

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