Automatic cardboard carton burst strength tester is according to the international general MiaoGuan (Mullen) method developed is essence according to the demand of the market specialized in research and development of an economic and practical aluminum foil paper burst testing machine, the function is all ready, data accurate, affordable, widely used in the paper the incoming inspection of the enterprise, is of all kinds of paper, aluminum foil, burst strength testing of special equipment, its various performance parameters and technical indicators in line with ISO2758 paper – burst degree of determination and GB454 paper burst degree measurement and other standards,It is suitable for testing the breaking strength of all kinds of base paper, paper and aluminum foil, and also for testing the breaking strength of non-paper sheet materials such as silk and cotton.

Execution standard:

JIS-L1004, L1018, L1031, K6328, P8131, P8112 and

Astm-d2210, TAPPI T403, iso2759-2001, GB/T1539

Technical parameters:

measuring range: 50 ~ 1400 kpa

accuracy:≤± 0.5%

resolution: 0.01 kpa

deformation error:≤ 1 mm

Concentricity of upper and lower plates: ≤0.25mm

Pressure: 9mm [(30 ±5)kPa]

Oil delivery speed: 95± 5ml/min

Pressure plate diameter: upper plate diameter [30.5± 0.1mm] lower plate diameter [33.1 ±0.1mm]

Man-machine interface: 3.4 in 320*240 lattice LCD display, real-time display of data changes

Clamping force: 400kpa~1200kpa (adjustable)

Unit conversion: Kg/cm2, kpa, LBF /in2

Print out: modular integrated thermal printer

Dimensions: 400-350*500mm

Weight: 42 kg

Working conditions: temperature (20 plus or minus 10 ℃, humidity is < 85%

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