Product introduction:
Paperboard Ring Crush Tester can cooperate with a variety of materials for all-round testing, in the paper packaging materials, a variety of paper quality testing, namely ring pressure (RCT), flat pressure (FCT), edge pressure (ECT), adhesion (PAT) and general compression (CMT) test, is a combination of multiple functions in a test equipment.
According to the standards: TAPPI T472, TAPPI T808, TAPPI T810, TAPPI T811, TAPPI T818, JIS P8126, GB/T 2679.6, GB/T 2679.8, GB/T 2679.17, GB/T 6546, GB/T 6544, GB/T 6548

Technical parameters
Capacity: 100kg, 200kg, 300kg(optional);
Resolution: 1/10,000;
Accuracy: ≤± 0.5%
Display mode: LED display
Platen: 100cm2 or depending on the diameter of flat pressing sample;
Compression spacing: 80mm;
Parallelism of pressing plate: 0.05mm
Ring pressure sample: 152×12.7mm
Side pressure sample: 25×100mm
Roller guide block: thickness≥12 mm, ≥Ф100mm;
Test speed:12.5±2.5mm/min
External dimensions :(L×W×H)430×400×600mm
Weight: 40kg;
Power: 1∮,AC220V,1.5A

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