Main technical features

  1. The instrument adopts the Chinese large-screen LCD LCD display technology, which displays the intuitive, convenient operation and suits China’s national conditions.
  2. self diagnosis function, has “0 ℃” protection function.When the temperature display is all the way to “0 ℃, will automatically stop heating, in case the room heating always lead to damage of heating body. And have a prompt the cause of the problem in Chinese and alarm prompt.
  3. The touch type keyboard is convenient for users to set the operation data.
  4. Data loss protection function, the operating data set by the instrument can be saved long after power failure.
  5. Microcomputer control FID detector automatically fires, with stopwatch timing function.
  6. Have overtemperature protection device.The temperature exceeds the set of extreme difficulties, the instrument will stop heating, and report the failure on the monitor.
  7. displayed by big LCD display intuitive instrument parameters, through humanized interface software, greatly convenient for the user to set includes various parameters such as temperature, flow Cheng Sheng, detector, bridge;Operate the switch bridge directly, turn off the control temperature, turn off the function of turning off the program and the time events.
  8. The instrument computer connects to the Internet, which can be connected to the instrument by remote computer, and realize remote data acquisition and management.Improve the freedom of the device and promote the effective application of the laboratory.
  9. The main control circuit adopts the use of advanced microprocessor and large-capacity storage, making the data storage more reliable.Meanwhile, the integrated design of measurement, control and electricity from one circuit board has improved the anti-jamming and reliability of the instrument.
  10. The temperature control circuit of the microprocessor was adopted, and the temperature accuracy of the controlled objects in each heating area reached 0.1 degree.
  11. Intelligent double-back door technology, ensure that the temperature of the instrument box has good temperature control accuracy, and can quickly cool down.
  12. The process of temperature rise of the eighth – order process is adapted to the analysis of complex samples of wide boiling point.
  1. Simple structure design, convenient installation and maintenance.
  2. Large volume cylindrical box can be installed with four chromatographic columns at the same time.
  3. The instrument design is reasonable and flexible, it can install three detectors at the same time, and has independent circuit system and signal output terminal.
  4. Flexible filling column and capillary column system can be connected with different calibre capillary column.
  5. It has the function of breaking air protection and Chinese prompts, which can protect TCD tungsten and chromatographic column to the maximum extent without damage.
  6. Equipped with FID, TCD, ECD, FPD, etc.

Detector technical indicators

Hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID)

Detection limit: Mt is less than 5 x 10-12g/s (positive hexadecane);

Noise: no more than 2 x 10-14a (0.02 mv)

Drift: no more than 1.5 x 10-13a /30min (0.15 mv/ 0.5h)

Linear range: greater than or equal to 107

The highest use low temperature: 450 ℃ or less

Thermal conductivity detector (TCD)

Sensitivity: S is greater than 5000mV. Ml/mg (n-hexadecane)

Noise: less than 20 mu V

Baseline drift: no more than 150 mu v/30min

Electronic capture detector (ECD)

Detection limit: no more than 2 x 10-14g/ml

Linear range: 104

Source: 63Ni

Flame photometric detector (FPD)

The detection limit: (P) is less than or equal to 2 times 10-12g/s;(S) or less 5 x 10 to 12 g/S

Linear range: 105 (P) 103 (S)

Nitrogen and phosphorus detector (NPD)

The detection limit: (N) is less than 5 x 10-12 g/s;(S) or less 5 x 10 to 12 g/S









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