Melt flow rate testing instrument can be used for ABS, polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide, fiber resin, acrylate, POM, fluorine plastic, polycarbonate and other plastic materials, the melt flow rate (MFR) or the melt volume flow rate (MVR) to be determined.


GB/T3682-2000,ISO1133-97, ASTM1238

Barrel parametersInner hole 9.55±0.025mm
Pistons parametersPiston head:  9.475±0.015mm
Piston lengthH=6.35±0.1mm
ParamtersExtrusion hole 1=2.095±0.005mm
Temperature parameterWith intelligent temperature control instrument, with four pairs of significant temperature setting control, PID parameters can be automatically set, precision up to ± 0.1 degree centigrade
Temperature range80degree centigrade~400degree centigrade
Temperature accuracy±0.2 degree centigrade
Display resolution 0.1degree centigrade
Maximum comsuption < 600W
Temperature accuracy 4 min.
Weight parameters are as follows:
Weight accuracy ±0.5%
Basic configuration


A    0.325kg
B    1.2kg
C    2.16kg
D    3.8kg
E     5kg
F     10kg
G    12.5kg
H     21.6kg
Position detection
Loop distance from up and down30mm
Control precision± 0.1mm
Test flow control
Times of cutting the material0~10 times
Material cutting interval0~999s(set reference Table 2)
Control flow reaches the set temperature without volatility
Barrel temperature time15 min.
Material be installed1 min.
Material sample temperature recovery time4 min.
When binder set1min

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