LR-A018 Double-layer small plate vulcanizing machine (electric heating and water cooling)


LR-A018  Double-layer small plate vulcanizing machine (electric heating and water cooling)

  1. Overview:

This series of vulcanizing machine is used to press and form all kinds of rubber model products and non-model products of the main equipment, can also be used to press all kinds of thermosetting plastics and foaming rubber and plastic products. With independent power mechanism and electrical system, the use of button centralized control. The working pressure and heating temperature can be adjusted within a certain range. This model has two kinds of split and semi-automatic.

  1. Equipment parameter
Pressure capacity10T30T50T
Pressure gaugeThe two-node pressure is adjustable, and the precision of pressure adjustment is 10%
Plate size (mm metric)Plate size (mm metric) 250*250/300*300/350*350/400*400/450*450/500*500/600*600 [mm] Plate Size (mm metric) 250*250/300*300/350*350/400*400/450*450/500*500/600*600 [mm]
Hot press plate materialHigh temperature resistant imported steel plate, surface carbonization quenching, special treatment of fast heat conduction, parallel pressure does not change, wear-resistant.
Platen hardness50〜60HRC
Flatness of the platen<0. 03mm
Flatness of platen<0.16mm
Temperature rangefrom normal temperature to 250°C [Maximum temperature can be customized 500 degrees] [Select one of the price lists shall prevail]
Temperature uniformityThe larger the platen, the higher the Temperature uniformity, the worse the temperature uniformity.
Temperature control unit Precision module, with PLC touch screen control, touch screen internal display, numerical display.
Temperature control mode self-setting with high precision sensor, Temperature control accuracy: ±1.0°C.
timer Displays the Settings on the touch screen. The time range is 0.1S ~ 99min ~ 9.9hr
heater[According to the pressure plate area configuration of different power packing pressure plate temperature uniformity, not the same power]
Warming timeThe  takes about 15 minutes from the normal temperature to 160 °C
Two hot plates can be set to control the temperature
Method of heating electric heating. Method of heating
Two pieces of cold plateWater cooling laminates are controlled by water temperature
Mode of coolingTap water cooling/chiller cooling [Optional price list shall prevail]
Oil pressure systemThe Oil pressure system adopts CREE.6 hydraulic flow closed loop control system. The oil pump drives high-performance electro-hydraulic with the piston of the high precision non-resistance cylinder to implement the constant rate control mode, with the automatic pressure compensation function. A pressure automatic pressure, strong load force, stable lifting; Automatic pressure, pressure retention, pressure relief.
Cylinder strokeCylinder stroke Max 150mm [customizable] [Select one subject to the quotation]
Cylinder speed11mm/s
Pressure gauge0 〜200kg/
Die opening modeAutomatic ascent and descent (with manual and automatic dual functions)
Safety deviceSafety shield, safety door.
Number of safety devicesfour
Supporting mold frame [Optional]custom
Main engine volume(WXDXH)1100X

550X 1500 mm


X 1500 mm


X 1650 mm

Supply voltage3-phase electricity, AC220V3-phase electricity , AC380V3-phase electricity , AC380V
Machine weight550kg700kg780kg


Operating method of testing machine

1, first of all, the testing machine for the level adjustment, is the use of level placed on the machine base, and according to the level indicator to adjust the foundation screw is horizontal (installation of the machine or mobile machine adjustment).

  1. Start the main power switch to make the power supply pass through each control panel of the machine.
  2. Set the test temperature.

4, according to the pattern requirements respectively set the upper, upper, lower and lower die temperature, when the temperature reaches the set temperature, open the cylinder door, put isolation stainless steel plate and pattern

  1. Start the test button to make the hydraulic cylinder press up to start the test (please do not adjust the pressure and speed of the hydraulic system).
  2. After reaching the set time, the system will reset automatically.

7, observe the pattern situation, the test is over.



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