LR-A018 Rubber No Rotor Rheometer

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Summary of the equipment

LR-A018 type no rotor rheometer is used to control the quality of rubber, rubber processing industry rapidly test and rubber basic research, the most widely used instrument for rubber optimization combination formula provides accurate data, can be precisely measured scorch time, positive rheometer time, sulfide, index and parameters such as maximum and minimum torque.

Technical specification

Model LR-A018
Temperature control range RT—200℃
Temperature fluctuation range ±0.15℃
Torque resolution 1/500000
Torque accuracy 0.3%
 Torque Unit N.m、、N.inch、kN.m、、kN.inch、kg.m、、kg.inch、lp.m、、lp.inch、g.m、、g.inch
Temperature display resolution. 0.01℃
Temperature recovery time after mold closing. < 1.5min
Temperature unit C(degree centigrade )、F(Fahrenheit degree )、K(degree Kelvin)
Sampling rate 200times/S
Language English、Chinese、Chinese traditional
Test standard GB/T 16584、ASTM D5289、ISO 6502
Calculated parameters ts1、ts2、t10、t30、t50、t70、t90、Vc1、Vc2
Software interface USB2.0
Print the content Date,Time,Temperature,vulcanization curve, Temperature curve ,ML、MH、ts1、ts2、t10、t50、t90、Vc1、Vc2