LR-A027  Taber Linear Abrasion Tester


Taber linear abrasion meter is used to evaluate the abrasion resistance, scratch resistance (single or multiple scratches) and color transfer (usually friction-resistant camel or friction-resistant fastness) of the product, etc.Dry wear test and wet wear test can be conducted.

Application object: to test samples of any size or any shape, for products contour surface and polishing surface features of abrasion test is very ideal (such as: computer mouse and other computer or IT products plastic paint wear resistance test), general in plastics, auto parts, rubber, leather and textile, electroplating, free disassembly of components, paint, printing design, and other products.


LR-A027  Taber Linear Abrasion Tester


1. Parameters such as moving distance, rotating speed, rotation number and load can be set (note 1).

2.Various wear media and accessories can be selected.(the optional sample holder and other optional accessories shall be matched with the test of hanging, damage degree, alcohol resistance test, coin scratch resistance test, etc.)

Ensure the stability and accuracy of the test: generally, the grinding head is of the same size and shape as the rubber wipe head at the end of the pencil. It is made of high quality abrasion materials.It can ensure the stability of the test.

The linear abrasion tester meets CE standard.

LR-A027  Taber Linear Abrasion Tester

Standard configuration:

Including host machine, 3pcs 250G disc weights,

1 . 5 kind optional moving distances: 0.5 “,1 “,2 “,3 “and 4”;Special moving distance can be customized.

  1. Rotation can be set.A maximum of 999,999 revolutions can be set (note that the grinding head eraser may need to be replaced during this period).
  2. 2~60 return/min adjustable movement speed.Of these 6 speeds, 2,15,30,40, and 60 return/min are TABER standard measurements, and the maximum speed of the unit is 60 return/min.

















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