Mainly used for evaluation of the combustion performance of the polymer under specified

test conditions, the determination of polymer just maintain minimum volume percentage of

oxygen concentrations of combustion.Suitable for polyurethane materials, flame retardant

wood, plastic, rubber, fiber, plastic foam, heat preservation material, film, artificial leather and

film, and the combustion performance of textile materials such as determination.And can be

used in building materials B1, B2 level performance measurement.

2、Instrument characteristics

1, high precision Britain imported special oxygen sensor provides the oxygen


2, digital display table shows oxygen concentration directly;

3, special manual ignition safe and reliable;

4, since tide sample clip (plastic) and the claims to sample clip (textile) a;

5, using the automatic calibration standard air oxygen density.

3、Technical Specification

1, the combustion tube specifications: heat resistant quartz glass, the inner diameter of 95 mm,

total height is 450 mm.

2, oxygen concentration adjustment range: 0 ~ 100%;

3, display precision: 0.1%

4, response time: < 5 s;

5, working pressure: 0.1 MPa to 0.3 MPa;

6, gas: industrial oxygen and nitrogen (customer since the match);

7, working power supply: AC220v;50 hz.50 w;

8, instrument size: 620 mm * 320 mm * 530 mm.


GB/T5454-1997 “determination of combustion performance of textile – oxygen index method,

GB/T2406.2-2009 plastic with oxygen index method to determine the behavior at room

temperature combustion test”

GB/T 10707-10707 “determination of the combustion performance of rubber oxygen index


GB/T 8924-8924 “fiber reinforced plastics combustion performance test method of oxygen

index method,

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