The automatic dumbbell sample machine, which conforms to GB/t1040-92 GB8804.1.2 and other standards, is used for the preparation of dumbbell specimens in non-metal tensile tests, which can be used to prepare dumbbell samples of various sizes.It has a high efficiency, and the sample size is accurate.

ISO 6259,ISO 527

Technical specification:

1.Process dumbbell shape and plane tool specification:φ27×φ12×φ30mm

2.Milling speed:2800r/min

3.Milling into speed:0~180mm/min

4.The power of the dumbbell type motor:180W

5.The dumbbell shapes the motor power:60W

6.The power supply voltage:380V

7.External dimension:700×400×550mm

Size of sample preparation:

Sample thickness:0~10mm

Sample length: 250mm

Sample width: 20mm


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