1.Product manufacturing and inspection standards.

  1. JB/ t741-94 “technical conditions of plastic ball indentation hardness tester”
  2. JJG 369 — 1993 “verification rules for the hardness of plastic ball indentation”

2.Applicable test method standard.

  1. GB3398.1-2008 plastic hardness test part I: ball indentation method
  2. Iso2039-1:2001 plastic hardness test part I: ball indentation method

3.Range of application

This instrument can be used to measure the hardness test of plastics, plastic materials and other industries, and can print the data.The machine adopts color touch screen technology to make the operation simpler, more intuitive and more beautiful.This product is our patented product.

4.Main technical indicators.

  1. The test load is divided into six levels: 9.8N(preloaded)49N, 132N, 358N, 612N, 961N.

2, steel ball head: Φ 5 mm, Φ 10 mm

  1. The indentation depth indicates the minimum dividing value: 0.001mm.
  2. Maximum allowable height: 10mm.
  3. Head to machine wall distance: 55mm.
  4. Indication accuracy: + or + 4%.
  5. Timing range: 10~90s, timing accuracy + + 0.1s.
  6. Effective measurement range: 0.150-0.35mm.
  7. Deformation of frame: no more than 0.05mm.
  8. Equipment weight: 45kg.
  9. Equipment external dimension (mm) : 330 * 220 * 425.

5.Host and accessories.

High precision sensorLCD10KN1Pcs
Deformation sensor0-6.5mm1Pcs
Pressure headΦ5mm、Φ10mmEach 1pcs
The base 1pcs
Deformation acquisition system 1set
Loading control system. 1set
Data microprocessing system. 1set
Software 1set


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