Scope of application:

It is suitable for the determination of combustion properties of plastics, rubber, wood, fiber, foam plastics, film and textile materials.

Technical parameters:

  1. Flow meter display
  2. Machine accuracy: 2.5
  3. Flow adjustment range: 0-10l /min (60-600l /h)
  4. Oxygen input pressure: > 0.25mpa
  5. Measurement range: 0 ~ 100% O2;
  6. The combustion tube: inner diameter 75 ㎜ total 450 mm or more
  7. Gas flow rate in the combustion cylinder: 40mm + / – 10mm/s
  8. Pressure gauge accuracy 2.5
  9. Flow meter: 0-10l /min (60-600l /h) adjustable

10-10. Test environment: temperature 35 ℃, humidity 45-75%

  1. Input pressure: 0.2-0.3MPa
  2. Working pressure: nitrogen 0.1-0.15mpa oxygen 0.1-0.15mpa
  3. Oxygen/nitrogen mixed gas inlet: includes pressure stabilizing valve, flow regulating valve, gas filter and mixing chamber
  4. Sample holder can be used for soft and hard plastics, textiles, fire doors, etc
  5. Propane (butane) ignition system, flame length 5mm-60mm freely adjustable
  6. Gas: industrial grade oxygen/nitrogen (user’s own).
  7. Ignition: there are made of a metal, the end has a diameter Φ 2 + / – 1 mm nozzle, can be inserted into the combustion cylinder light sample
  8. Self-supporting material sample holder: it can be fixed in the position of combustion tube axis and can be vertically clamped
  9. Non-self-supporting material sample holder: all stainless steel, capable of fixing two vertical edges of the sample on the frame at the same time

Working conditions:

  1. Ambient temperature: – 10 ℃ ~ 45 ℃
  2. Relative humidity: 85%;

Gas: GB3863 gaseous oxygen for industrial use;GB3864 gaseous nitrogen for industrial use;Pressure regulating valves for both cylinders;

  1. Input pressure: 0.25-0.4mpa;
  2. Working pressure: 0.15mpa;

Design standard: GB/T 2406-1993

ASTM D 2863, ISO 4589-2, NES 714 GB/T 5454 54 GB/T 10707 GB/T 8924-1988 GB/T 16581-1996 IEC 61144-1992

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