LR-A2000 High speed ink mixer 2kg

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LR-A2000 High speed ink mixer 2kg


1,220 v, 1.1 Kw, speed and mixing time can be set, the microcomputer control system. Simple operation, easy maintenance

Run force strong, stable operation, strong and durable,speed:0-400r/m

High-speed mixing ink, paint, mixing effect is more even, save the time of mixing ink, printing effect more perfect.

Mechanical built-in 2 barrels.A barrel capacity: 1-4 kg

Suitable for: coating, paint, printing ink mixed stirring

 LR-A2000 High speed ink mixer 2kg

Technical parameters

gross weight 110KG
N/G Weight 100KG
Flattening Height*Length*Width 1000*720*720mm
Input Voltage 220V 50Hz
capacity 1-4 kg/barrel
Power (W) 1.1KW