LR-B002-A  UV Accelerated weathering test chamber


The UV Accelerated weathering test chamber stimulates dew and rain with consideation for humidity and/or water spray equipped with a fluorescent UV lamp which can completely simulate the UV spectra of sunlight, exposes materials to alternating cycles of UV light and moisture at controlled, elevated temperatures.It’s most widely used weathering tester to test types of damages include colour change, gloss loss, chalking, cracking, crazing, hazing, blistering, strength loss and oxidation. The source adopts 8 pieces of UV lamps of 40W as the light source. The lamps are distributed on the two sides of machine, 4 pieces for each side (UVA-340 and UVB-313 optional).

Standard:Common standard:ISO 4892-1 ,ASTM G151 ,ASTM G154 ,JISD0205• SAEJ2020

Paint Standard: ASTM D3794 ,ASTM D4587 ,FED-STD-141B ,GM 9125P • JIS K 5600-7-8 ,ISO 11507 ISO 20340 ,M598-1990 ,NACE TM-01-84 ,NISSAN M0007 ,PrEN 927-6

LR-B002-A  UV Accelerated weathering test chamber

Adhesive glue Standard:

ASTM C1184 ,ASTM C1442 ,ASTM D904 ,ASTM D5215 ,UNE 104-281-88

Plastic Standard:

ISO4892-3 ,ANSIC57.12.28 ,ANSI,A14.5 ,ASTMD4329 ,ASTMD4674 ,ASTMD5208 ,ASTMD6662 ,

DIN 53384 ,JUI K 3750 ,UNE35.104

Roofing materials standards:

ANSI/RMAIPR-1-1990 ,ASTM D4799 ,ASTM D4811 ,ASTM D3105 ,ASTM D4434 ,BS D5019

BS 903: PartA54 ,CGSB-37.54-M ,DIN EN534

Printing,Ink material standards:

ASTM D3424 ,ASTMF1945

Fabrics Standards

AATCC TM 186 ,ACFFA Guideline

LR-B002-A  UV Accelerated weathering test chamber



Material of construction
Interior sizes1130×500×400mm (WHD)
Exterior sizes1300×500×1460mm (WHD)
ControllerLCD touch screen panel, programmable of temp., humid., UV(sun), spray(rain) and time
Machine compoments materialinner and outer 304# stainless steel
Sample holdeAluminum alloy frame base
Irradiation lamp8 pcs of UVA-340, For each 4pcs on each side
Number of specimens48 pcs
Protection deviceresidual-current circuit breaker (RCCB) to control the warning for loop overload, thermal protection and water shortage protection.
Technical Parameters
Range of temp.RT+10℃~70℃
Range of humidity≥90%R.H
Temp. uniformity±1℃
Temp. fluctuation±0.5℃
Center distance between lamps70mm
Center distance between samples and lamps50±3mm
Range of Irradiance1.0W/m2 adjustable
AdjustmentTest period for Temp., irradiation, condensation, spray can be adjustable
LampUVA-340, L=1200/40W, 8pcs(average service life for 1600hrs)
ControllerTouch screen panel ,Youyi U740 Controller
Temp. control methodPID self-adjustable SSR control
Standard samples size75×290mm( special parts optional)
Depth of water channel25mm under auto-control
Available irradiation area900×210mm
Wave length of UV315-400nm
Test time0~999H99min (adjustable)
Irradiation black panel temperature50℃~70℃
Samples quanity can be placed on the holder48pcs (for 52pcs also can be customized)
Auto-spray for the machine structure

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