LR-B003  UV Aging Tester

Design standard: GB/T18830, ASTM D1148, ISO8580

Uses: This machine is to provide the simulative heat of the sun and ultraviolet radiation environment of space. It is used to test Yellowing for accelerated testing of materials. Gray standard available for reference pollution,determine the material level of yellowing. You can also  visually observe yellowing sample rate directly. It can be used as ageing tester and ovens after taking off ultraviolet lamp.When doing UV test,the effects in chamber 3hours is equal to 2month in natural environment.

LR-B003  UV Aging Tester


Use hot wind cycle to heat;

Use SUS #304 stainless steel as inner material;

Use paint-coated processing as external material.

LR-B003  UV Aging Tester


Internal size50×50×60 cm
External size75×60×125cm
Temperature rangenormal~200℃
Temp methodcomputer P.I.D.automatic control
Accuracy of operation±0.3℃
Accuracy of distribution±1%(1℃)at-room100℃
TurnPlatediameter45cm, adjustable high
UV lamp300w;(OSRAM)
Accessories2 pcs shelves
Timer 0~999 hour/min
Power1Φ, 220V,50HZ
Safety deviceoverheat protection

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