LR-B004-A  Industrial Oven


This machine can provide a stable test space for pre-heating, drying, changes about physics and chemistry testing . It supplys precision temperature controllter with high stability of platinum resistance to temperature that makes temperature well-distribution.

LR-B004-A  Industrial Oven

Structure And Size

  1. Inner size: 450(width) x 400(depth) x 400(height)mm
  2. External size: 720(wide) x 580(deep) x 990(high)mm+110mm trundle, subject to the real object;
  3. Operation panel: the control panel is above the machine (as shown);
  4. Opening method: single door opens from right to left;
  5. Viewable window: visible window on the door: specification: W200*H250mm;
  6. The inner material is: 430# mirror plate, 1.0mm thick;
  7. The outer material is: cold-rolled steel plate, 1.0mm thick.
  8. Interlayer: there are two inner layers, and two meshes;
  9. Thermal insulation material: glass fiber rock wool, with good thermal insulation effect;
  10. Sealing material: high-temperature foamed silica gel bar;
  11. Install brake movable casters on the machine;
  12. The overall structure is floor-type.

LR-B004-A  Industrial Oven

Temperature control system

  1. The temperature control instrument is PID digital display instrument (taichung instrument in Taiwan), single-point temperature control, which can be automatically calculated, PV/SV simultaneously displayed, button setting;
  2. Timer setting: from 1 second to 9999 hours (optional setting hours, minutes and seconds) when the temperature reaches time, when the heating current is stopped, and an alarm is prompted at the same time;
  3. Temperature line (K) type;
  4. Signal output is 3-32v;
  5. The heating controller is: solid relay SSR without contact;
  6. Heating material: heat resistant tube;

7, temperature range: 50 ~ 300 ℃ adjustable, commonly used temperature within 260℃;

8, rate of temperature: 100 ℃ about 15 minutes

9, the control precision, ± 0.5 ℃;

10, display precision: 0.1 ℃

11, temperature deviation: 50-200 ℃ ±2.0 ℃, 201-300 ℃±3.0 ℃. (no-load test)

Air supply system

  1. Air supply mode: internal horizontal hot air circulation;
  2. The motor is temperature-resistant special type, with motor power of 370W/220V;
  3. The fan is 7.5-inch multi-wing turbine type;
  4. The air inlet is on the right side of the machine and the air outlet is on the left side of the machine.

Power Supply Device

  1. Voltage AC 220V single-phase 50HZ
  2. Current 16A
  3. Power: 3.5kw

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