LR-B004  Drying Oven

Scope of application:

For various medical and health care, medicine, biological, agricultural and scientific research departments such as drying, heat treatment, heat, but not the article such as volatile, flammable, explosive, lest cause an explosion。

LR-B004  Drying Oven

Characteristics :

Microcomputer intelligent PID control technique, system temperature control, timing, and overtemperature alarm function;
Hot air circulation system consists of low noise fan and duct.Reasonable air duct and circulatory system, make work indoor temperature stability;
Shell using the electrostatic pensu processing of environmental protection high quality cold-rolled steel plate, the overall design beautiful and novel, and the Angle of view with large window;
Tank is divided into mirror stainless steel and galvanized steel models, four half arc easy to clean;
Work indoor shelf spacing, shelf number are adjustable, convenient access to different specifications samples;
Using high temperature resistant silicone for sealing the door, the high temperature heat pipes as heating element, to ensure safety, long service life;
The shake handshandle of fastening type of accord with human body engineering, convenient operation, and ensure the tightness.  

All stainless steel models: adopt high quality stainless steel plate, shell and bladder has many characteristics, such as acid and alkali proof, corrosion resistance, is a pharmaceutical factory, food factory, medical scientific research units, such as the best equipment

LR-B004  Drying Oven

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