LR-B005   Two Box Vacuum Oven


  1. Inner size: 450(length) x 450(width) x 450(height)mm;(double-box type, single-box independent control)
  2. Outside dimension: the real object shall prevail;
  3. The single box is divided into six layers, with the first layer of 50mm starting from the bottom. The above is bisected and there are six mesh panels, which can be pulled out.
  4. Glass window W250*H250mm is on the door;
  5. The inner material is: 304# stainless steel industrial board, 5.0mm thick, with enhanced treatment and vacuum deformability;
  6. The external material is: cold-rolled steel plate, 1.2mm thick, and powder painting treatment;
  7. Thermal insulation material: high-temperature rock wool with good thermal insulation effect;
  8. Sealing material: high temperature resistant silica gel bar;
  9. Install movable casters and adjustable fixed foot pedestal, which can be pushed at will;
  10. The box body is connected, with the upper part divided into the product box, the lower part of the vacuum pump installation, and the right control panel;

LR-B005   Two Box Vacuum Oven

Temperature control system

  1. Temperature control is PID touch screen instrument (TEMI580), single-point or program-type temperature control, which can be automatically calculated, PV/SV simultaneously displayed and touch setting;With the memory function (such as temperature and time), remember the temperature and time of each test process.
  2. Function of timer: the meter is equipped with (hours and minutes can be set), and the temperature will be timed.
  3. At the same time, the temperature of the upper, middle and lower center points in the cabinet is also displayed by the meter, without recording;
  4. Temperature line (PT100);
  5. Output is 3-32v;
  6. The current controller is: SSR of solid relay has no contact;

7, rate of temperature: 100 ℃, about 15 minutes to temperature control instrument, need constant temperature 15 to 20 minutes, the internal temperature to reach;

  1. Adopt three-side heating and thermal radiation convection, and the heating pipe is installed on the left, right and bottom of the outer wall of the inner box;
  2. Heating element: stainless steel high-temperature heating tube;

10, temperature range: normal temperature + 30 to 250 ℃, the commonly used temperature is 90 degrees, 120 degrees, 180 degrees respectively;

11, the control precision of plus or minus 2.0 ℃;

12, display precision of 0.1 ℃;

13, the temperature in the cabinet deviation distribution uniformity + / – 5 ℃. (deviation) test chamber, the highest and the lowest layer

Vacuum system

  1. The machine adopts a high-density silicone sealing strip for sealing at the door;
  2. The vacuum degree is displayed by using SMC pressure gauge to display the instant vacuum degree and relative pressure.
  3. Vacuum degree range of the machine: 0KPa to -100.0kpa, (vacuum degree: less than or equal to 265Pa);
  4. Vacuum control mode: automatically control the vacuum to stop vacuuming and start automatically when the vacuum degree is lower than the lower limit. Work in this cycle.Manually decompress and fill with air or nitrogen;
  5. The change of vacuum degree during the baking process of the product is only observed, and the data is not saved;
  6. It is equipped with a 4-liter direct-connected vacuum pump with a power of 550W and a voltage of 220V.

LR-B005   Two Box Vacuum Oven

Nitrogen charging device (manual air charging and decompressing)

  1. Pressure regulating valve: control nitrogen pressure. Under normal use, nitrogen pressure should be adjusted to about 2kg.
  2. Flow meter: control the size of nitrogen entering the box, with a range of 2L/ min-10lmin;
  3. The nitrogen pipeline enters the front back of the box, and a 2-meter-long 10mm nitrogen hose is provided outside.
  4. You need to provide nitrogen gas.

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