LR-B005  Industrial Vacuum Oven

Character structure

1.The case is made of high quality cold rolled steel plate with electrostatic powder coating on the surface.

2.The studio is made of high quality stainless steel, round shape, smooth, smooth and easy to clean.

3.Between the box body and the workshop, fill the super fine glass cotton insulation material.

4.The door of the box is a double-layer tempered glass structure, which can clearly observe the contents of the box.

5.A rubber sealing ring is arranged between the studio and the glass door to ensure a high vacuum in the box.

LR-B005  Industrial Vacuum Oven


1.Inner box size: W500*D 500*H500 (mm)

Out box size:W800*D820*H1380(mm)

2.Temperature Range:RT200℃

3.Independent electrical box, single door from right to left open;

4.There are 2 layers inside, and the edge strip is fixed.

5.Doors have Windows;

6.Vacuum pump:5.0KW

7.Sealing material is: high temperature resistant silica gel;

8.Box structure is divided into two parts.

9.Box body has fixed base and movable foot.

The inner box is made of high-temperature SUS304# stainless steel and the thickness of the steel plate is 5mm.

10.Outer box adopts 1.2mmsecc steel plate, which is treated with powder coating on the outer surface to prevent rust.

11. The insulation material is made of fiber rock wool, with good insulation performance.

Sealing and vacuum degree

1.The machine adopts high sealing silicon rubber seal to ensure the sealing of the whole machine.

2.At the same time, digital explicit vacuum meter is adopted to display the instant vacuum in the box, so that you can immediately understand the vacuum state in the box, and the vacuum degree reaches 0–0.1Mpa (i.e., 100pa vacuum).

3.The vacuum gauge is digital explicit, with upper and lower limit control functions, which can control the vacuum pump to the upper limit set value and stop automatically.Start automatically from low to lower limit, and then recycle.

4.Vacuum degree: 5Kpa ~ 11.6Kpa adjustable (indicator value of vacuum gauge < -0.0884Mpa)

5.Air pressure: 133 kpa

6.Pressure fluctuation: ≤5%

LR-B005  Industrial Vacuum Oven

High-temperature temperature control system

1.Temperature control is PID digital display instrument (taichung instrument in Taiwan), single point temperature control, automatic calculation, PV/SV simultaneous display, button setting, arbitrary temperature value between normal temperature and maximum temperature can be set;

2.Timer setting, 0.1-999 (optional setting of hours, minutes and seconds)

3.Temperature to timing, time to cut off the heating current (alarm) (Taiwan YANGMING) this machine is equipped with by the hour, minutes, seconds to set three display timer, according to the requirement of national standard, uses the electric principle of temperature to the timing, when after completing a task according to the set time, the whole machine has no power output, at the same time a buzzer alarm prompt workers finished the work the machine.

4.The temperature sensitive line is (K).

5.Output is 3-32v;

6.The current controller is no contact point of SSR+PID;

7.Heating rate: RT ~ 100 ℃ (about 30 minutes)

8.The method of thermal radiation by three-side heating;

9.The heating body is heat pipe with high temperature resistance.

  1. The range of temperature:RT~200℃
  2. Display precision: 0.1 ℃
  3. The precision resolution: 1 ℃
  4. The temperature deviation uniformity:±5℃

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