LR-B005  Vacuum Oven


Vacuum oven is used in scientific research organization,professional instiutions,industrial and mining enterprises and other organization of the laboratory and production company.In drying and heating condition,have several advantage below:

  1. Can reduce the drying temperature.
  2. Avoid some of the items heated to oxidation.
  3. Avoid heating the air of the biological cells.
  4. No dust damage.

LR-B005  Vacuum Oven


1.Box made of high quality cold-rolled steel sheet,the surface electrostatic power coating,hard coating solid,with strong antirust ability!

2.Studio quality stainless steel,roung shape,smooth,easy to clean.

3.Between the box and studio,filled with the fine glass wool insulation materials,has good insulation function,effectively guarantee the accuracy and stability of the temperature.

4.Structure for the double glass doors with heat resistant rubber seals,to ensure a high degree of vacuum.The operator can avoid burns.

5.Between the sudio and glass doors with heat resistant rubber seals,to ensure a high degree of vacuum inside the box.

6.Heater installed in the studio,outside of the surface of the box as possible to improve the temperature uniformity,and easy to clean interior.

7.Microcomputer intelligent temperature control using digital technology manufacturer with industrial PID.And four pairs of the self-tuning indicator LED windows,temperature control and high precision,strong anti-interference ability,and the operation is also very convenient.


LR-B005  Vacuum Oven


Inner size


Outside size


Temperature rangeVacuumControllPowerRate(KW)
30*30*3052*62*4740-200℃706-1TorrPID+S.S.R+Timer220V or 380V2




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