LR-B012 Sand Dust Test Chamber Laboratory Customized


It simulates the destructive effect of natural wind and sand climate on the product and is suitable for testing the seal performance of the product enclosure.It is mainly used for testing the two grades of IP5X and IP6X specified in the enclosure protection standard.Carrying dust vertical circulation of air,test equipment with dust can be recycled,the whole duct made of imported advanced stainless steel plate at the bottom of the air duct connected with taper hopper interface,fan outlet directly connected to the air duct,and then in the appropriate position will studio top spread port access studio,forming vertical blowing dust”O”type closed loop system,make the air can flow smoothly,large extent makes the dust dispersed evenly.A single high power low noise centrifugal fan is used to adjust the wind speed according to the test requirements.

 LR-B012 Sand Dust Test Chamber Laboratory Customized

Structural characteristics

1.The user can independently control the conditions of F1,F2 and F3 on the panel with the powerful dust spraying device.

2.Use vibration equipment to make the dust concentration of each spraying be the same.

3.The precision dust concentration collector can reduce the estimation of concentration due to improper operation.

4.Dust and dust can be Shared

5.The sand and dust test box is applicable to test the sealing performance of the product enclosure.It is mainly used for the test of the two grades of IP5X and IP6X specified in the enclosure protection standard.


Inner size(mm)800*800*8001000*1000*10001000*1000*1500
SpeciesTalcum powder
Duration time2hours or 8 hours
Test temperatureRT~7℃
Test humidity45%-75%RH
Nominal diameter of metal screen mesh50μm
Nominal spacing between lines75μm
Dust concentration2~4Kg/m3
Dust requirementsMeet with JIS6 requirement(Or national standards)
Oscillator period0-99H99M99S
BlowingdustsetThe time of continuous and periodic dusting is determined arbitrarily
External materialHigh quality cold rolled steel sheet electrostatic spraying
Inner materialSUB304Precision welding of quality stainless steel plate
ThermalinsulationmaterialUltrafine glass fiber cotton
Safety protectionOvertemperature and overlimit alarm protection,power leakage,short circuit,lack of phase protection,undervoltage protection
StandardconfigurationVacuum pump one,gas flowmeter,air source excuse,pressure gauge,oil and water separator



LR-B012 Dust test machine parameters
1.Product features1,the structure design of the test system is advanced and reasonable,in line with:GB2423,GB4706,GB4208,DIN

2,the main functional components of the test box are equipped with world famous brand,advanced and reliable technology principle,the best control of noise and energy saving–its performance can replace similar foreign products.

3,color touch screen man-machine interface,programmable controller,automatic operation control of the whole machine.

2.Parameter specification:
Nominal content product:216L
Box size in test area:60*60*60(cm)
Overall dimensions:120*110*85(cm)
3.Performance parameter:
Test environment condition:The ambient temperature ranges from+5°C to+28°C,and the relative humidity ranges from 85%to less
Test method:GB2423、GB4706、GB4208、DIN
Conform to:IEC60529-2013,
Display:There are flowmeters and vacuum meters on the equipment,which can be displayed during operation
HaveThere are vacuum pump pressure and pressure adjustment readings
Dust blowing principle:
Box temperature:15-45℃(not displayed)
Relative humidity in the box:45%~75%RH(not displayed)
Nominal wire diameter of the network:50um
Nominal spacing between lines:No more than 70um
Airflow speed:≤2m/s(not displayed)
Dust blowing time:0~9999.9h configurable
Sensor:Test chamber temperature sensor:PT100,dust temperature sensor:PT100
Vibration time:Adjustable for 1 to 9999min
Test time:1min~99h59min
Dust blowing time:The dust vortex air pump,dust vibration motor and test time can be controlled respectively
Dust blowing cycle:Continuous and periodic blowing time is set at will
Strike time:Vibration and stop vibration time automatically alternate
Dust baking system:1.High temperature nickel-chromium wire,heating fast
2.PT100 temperature sensor,PTD+SSR control,plus temperature switch protection
Dust blowing system:1.Vortex type air pump,low noise,strong power

2.Overcurrent protection device to prevent damage caused by bad working conditions

Vacuum system(optional):1.High efficiency vortex vacuum pump,low noise,low energy consumption

2.Micro flowmeter,directly display the sealing degree of the measured item

3.Independent vacuum pressure gauge and system differential pressure gauge,system pressure parameters at a glance

4.Differential pressure switch drives the throttle solenoid valve to accurately control the system pressure

5.Dust filter in pipeline line,easy disassembly and maintenance,improve the service life of vacuum pump

6.Add flow control valve to adjust system pressure freely

4.Controller:1.7-inch,800 x 600 lattice,TFT color LCD display

2.Chinese and English menus(optional)Enter on the touch screen

3.Function of fault alarm,cause and handling prompt

4.Power off protection function

5 Upper and Lower limit temperature protection function

6.Calendar timing function(automatic start and stop operation)

5.Box structure:Test area,instrument electric control area,machine room partition design,modular combination,to meet the test and maintenance of humanity

Operation,the bottom of the box using high quality fixed PU movable wheel,easy to move customers.

6.Box material:1.Outer bile material:high-quality color steel plate electrostatic spraying
2.Liner material:high quality heat and cold resistant stainless steel plate
7.Test box door:Single hinged door(left hinge,right handle when facing box)silicone rubber pressing seal device with large view

Inspection window with stainless steel wiper

8.Environmental Conditions:1.Temperature:5℃~28℃

2.Relative humidity:≤85%

3 air pressure:86kPa~106kPa

9.Power supply conditions:AC220V power supply requirements:

1.Single-phase two-wire+PGND cable

2.Voltage range:AC(220±10)V

3.Allowed frequency fluctuation range:60Hz

4.The ground resistance of the PGND cable is less than 4 ohms

5.The user is required to configure the air or power switch of the corresponding capacity for the equipment at the installation site,and the switch must be

It is used independently for this device

10.Maximum current:

Maximum power consumption:



(Data obtained after testing at ambient temperature+25℃,without sample,and stable operation condition for one hour)


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