LR-BK500B     Automatic Closed cup Flash Point Tester

Product introduction

LR-BK500B automatic closed-mouth flash point tester is used for the determination of closed-mouth flash point values of petroleum products in accordance with ASTM D93, GB/T 261-2008 standard methods.The instrument adopts high-performance ARM microprocessor technology, color touch LCD and Chinese menu, making human-computer interaction more convenient.The instrument has the function of power loss storage.The instrument has automatic electric ignition, display, printing results, automatic cooling and other functions;The instrument has the advantages of accurate measurement, good repeatability, stable and reliable performance and simple operation.Widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, commodity inspection, scientific research and other departments.


LR-BK500B     Automatic Closed cup Flash Point Tester

Performance characteristics

  1. High degree of automation: automatic heating, stirring, lifting, cooling, printing, calibration test results;
  2. Accurate temperature control: strictly implement national standards throughout the whole process;
  3. Test the overtemperature self-stop;
  4. Instrument self-test function;
  5. Igniter brightness adjustment function;
  6. Large data storage capacity, 3000 analysis and test records can be saved;
  7. Vertical structure is adopted for test arm lifting;
  8. Data record printing function;
  9. Accidental ignition alarm function during the test of inflammable goods samples.

LR-BK500B     Automatic Closed cup Flash Point Tester

 Technical indicators

Standard conformanceGb/t261-2008 astm d93


Display modeTouch high definition color lcd


Measurement rangeRoom temperature ~ 400℃


RepeatabilityWhen the flash point value ≤110℃ ±1℃

Flash point value > 110℃ ±2℃


Ignition modeElectric ignition


Flash point calibrationAtmospheric pressure correction result


Data records3000 (can be printed separately)


Ambient temperature5 ~ 40℃


Relative humidity10% ~ 80%
Power sourceAc220v±10%, 50hz±5%
Power rate300w


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