LR-BT10     Paper Cup Stiffness Tester

Product Introduction

LR-BT10 Paper Cup Stiffness Tester is a new instrument manufactured by our research and development according to the new national standard. It adopts advanced components, supporting components, single-chip computer, and is constructed under reasonable structure and multi-function design. With the equipment it is possible to test on various parameters including standard tests, such as conversion, adjustment, display, memory, and printing, etc. It is a basic stiffness tester for paper cups and bowls. its design and technical indicators are based on the general technical requirements of dixie cup Standard and JJG157-1995 Verification Regulation of Tension Compression and Universal Testing Machine for Non-metallic .


QB/T 2294,GB/T27590,JJG157


LR-BT10     Paper Cup Stiffness Tester


1.High accuracy
Adopts high precision strain sensors and the United States imported chip processing system, measuring accurate value.

2.Good Repeatability
Test system, the two measuring head through relative motion precision lead screw drive, accurate and constant test speed. Repeatability test result is good.

3.Easy to use, easy to operate
High resolution color touch screen display in English, friendly man-machine interface operation. Automatic test, the test data statistical handling function, miniature printer output can also be connected to PC. Results when connected to a computer, in addition to the automatic memory storage, can also show that the compressive curves and save.

4.Easy to measurement and calibration
Calibration instrument specially configured with probe cushion, convenient user or measurement, the calibration department (third party) with standard weight force calibration value.

LR-BT10     Paper Cup Stiffness Tester

Technical parameters:

Measurement range(1~30) N submitted
Test speed(50±0.1)mm/min, (30~80)mm/min adjustable
Relative moving distance of probe(9.5±0.1)mm, (1~20)mm adjustable
Probe to neutral≤0.2mm
Two probe opening distance(40 ~ 120) mm
Weight about 18kg
Power supplyAC220V, 50Hz


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