LR-C001 Single Column Tensile Tester(0-5KN)

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Design standards:

ASTM D903, GB/T2790/2791/2792, CNS11888, JIS K6854, PSTC7,GB/T 453,ASTM E4,ASTM D1876,ASTM D638,ASTM D412,ASTM F2256,EN1719,EN 1939,ISO 11339,ISO 36,EN 1465,ISO 13007,ISO 4587,ASTM C663,ASTM D1335,ASTM F2458,EN 1465,ISO 2411,ISO 4587,ISO/TS 11405,ASTM D3330,FINAT…….


Suitable for aerospace, petrochemical industry, machinery manufacturing, metal materials and products, wire and cable, rubber, paper and plastic color printing packaging, adhesive tapes, bags handbags, textile fibers, textile bags, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.To test the physical properties of the various materials and finished products, semi-finished products, choose a variety of fixture to do tensile, compressive, hold, hold pressure, bending, tear, peel, adhesion and shear test.It is an ideal testing and research equipment for factories, technical supervision departments, commodity inspection institutions, scientific research institutes and colleges and universities.

  1. Software Technical Parameters:
  2. Adopt the Windows work platform, and the parameter setting is handled in the form of dialog box, and the operation is simple;
  3. Using a single image operation, no screen switching is required;
  4. The software interface has many languages in Chinese and English.
  5. Self-regulation test form mode;
  6. Test data can be directly called in the main screen;
  7. The data comparison of multiple curves can be carried out by means of translation and comparison.
  8. There are various measuring units of KGF, LBF, N, KN, KPa and Mpa.
  9. Automatic return function;
  10. Automatic calibration function, with input direct switching;
  11. Function of self-defining test method;
  12. Experimental data operation analysis function;
  13. Functions of automatic magnification ratio of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100, in order to achieve the most appropriate size of the graph automatic switching, data acquisition frequency of 6000HZ;


 Technical Parameters:

Capacity Choose 10KG,20KG,50KG,100KG,200KG,500KG Optional
Accuracy Level 0.5Level
Effective force measure 0.4%~100%
Force accuracy ±0.5%
Resolution Max load 1/±250000
Load cell Basic configuration: tension and pressure sensors (maximum load)
Effective test widty 150mm
Effective tensile stroke 500mm
Test speed range 0.1~500mm/min
Motor Servo Motor
Displacement measure accuracy ±0.5%
Safety device Electron limit protection
Test table return function Manual or automatic options, automatic or manual return to the initial position of the test after the end of the test
Over load protection Over 10% of maximum load, automatic protection
Clamping fixture Tensile fixture 1set
Machine size 420×350×1350mm
Motor 220V±10% 0.2KW/0.4KW
Weight 70 Kg