LR-C004 50KN Universal Testing Machine

LR-C004 50KN Universal Testing Machine

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1 Main use and scope of application

This machine is widely used in metal and nonmetal tensile, compression, bending and other mechanics performance test.Suitable for quality supervision, teaching, scientific research, aerospace, steel, metallurgy, automobile, rubber plastic, woven materials and test area.

2 Specification

No Name Specification
1 Max force 50kN(5T)
2 Test force accuracy ±1%
3 Test force range 2%~100%
4 Test force resolution 0.01%Fs
5 Measuring range of deformation 2%~100%
6 Distortion measuring accuracy ±1%








7 Displacement resolution 0.001mm
8 The beam displacement relative error ±1%
9 Speed range 0.01mm/min~500mm/min
10 Beam speed relative error ±1%
11 Max. Stretch Stroke 1000mm(Not install grips)
12 Max compress stroke 1000mm(Not install grips)
13 Test width 400mm
14 Weight 350kg
15 Power 1000W   1 phase 220V
16 size L58*W80*H185cm
17 Drive methods servo motor+Synchronous gear system+ball screw