LR-C006  200KN Universal Testing Machine

Use areas:
The products are widely used in metal, non-metallic materials, mechanical properties such as pressure and bending shear test.With a wide variety of affix, can also be used for material and components of mechanical properties test.In the specimen deformation is large, fast test of rope, belt, silk, rubber, plastics, and other areas of the material test, also have a very broad application prospects.Suitable for quality supervision, teaching, scientific research, aerospace, steel, metallurgy, automobile, construction materials, and other areas of the test.
LR-C006  200KN Universal Testing Machine

According to the standard:
Meet the national standard GB/T228.1-2010 “metallic materials tensile testing at”, GB/T7314-2005 “metal compression test method” requirement, in line with the GB, ISO, ASTM, DIN, and other standard data processing.Can accord with the requirement of users and provide standard.


LR-C006  200KN Universal Testing Machine


Max Test Force(kN)200
Max force test range2%-100%
Test force relative error value<±1%
 Load display resolutionMax force 1/300000
 Distortion measuring range2%-100%
Deformation relative error value<±1%
 deformation of resolutionmaximum deformation


Displacement relative error value<±1%
displacement resolution(mm)0.001
Speed range0.005mm/min ~ 500mm/min
Tensile stroke(mm)600
Compression space(mm)600
Test width(mm)500
GripsTensile, compression, bending, shear, peel, tear, etc
Overall dimension(mm)1120*900*2500
Servo motor power(kW)3

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