LR-C008 Floor Type Tensile Strength Tester

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Suitable for all kinds of hardware, metal and zipper. Rubber, shoes, leather, garments, textiles, insulators, wires, cables, terminals, toys, etc.It can test the physical properties of various materials and finished products and semi-finished products, and select various kinds of clamping tools for the test of tensile, compressive, holding, pressure, bending, tearing, stripping and shear.It is an ideal testing and research equipment for factories, technical supervision departments, commodity inspection institutions, scientific research institutes and colleges and universities.

Technical participation:

  1. Capacity: 200kg
  2. Weight breakdown: 1/25,000;
  3. Accuracy of measuring force: better than 0.5%;
  4. Effective measuring range: 0.5 ~ 100% F.S;
  5. Sensor sensitivity: 1– 20mV/V,
  6. Accuracy of displacement display value: over plus or minus 0.5%;
  7. Maximum stroke: 900mm, with fixtures
  8. Test speed: 5 ~ 300mm/min
  9. Unit switching: including KGF, LBF, N, KN, KPa and Mpa, users can also customize the required units.
  10. Machine weight: about 95kg
  11. Power: AC220V, 50Hz
  12. A set of forceps