LR-C008    Floor Type Tensile Strength Tester


Used for rubber, plastics, wire and cable, textile, waterproof material, non-woven cloth and other non-metallic materials and metal wire, metal foil, metal sheet and metal bar mechanical properties test, with special fixture is also suitable for various finished products stretching, compression, peeling, shear, tear test, to determine the quality of products.

It can store the results of 10 test reference points, automatically calculate the average value, automatically grab the maximum value, and the force value when breaking.Force value by the sensor output, feedback display, test displacement real-time display.Can realize fixed force value, positioning and other tests.

The machine contains a thermal printer, which can output the test results automatically.

The machine is simple in structure and easy to operate. It can be directly placed on the ground of the studio for testing.Especially suitable for use in the production line to control the quality of testing instruments.This series of models is mainly suitable for test load less than 5000N of non-metal and metal material test.



LR-C008    Floor Type Tensile Strength Tester

Technical participation:

Capacity choose5,10,20,50,100,200,500kg optional
Test accuracy Show value±1%
Display modeTouched screen control
Unit switchKg、lb、N
Data sampling frequency200times/sec
Testing machine resolutionThe maximum load is 1/±25000 yards, inside and outside are not classified, and the whole resolution is unchanged
Load sensorBasic configuration: pull and pressure sensors (maximum load)
Effective test width150mm
Effective tensile space800mm
Total stroke1100mm
Test speed range50-300mm/min Stepless speed regulation and 5-speed fixed speed (special test speed can be customized according to customer requirements)
Accuracy of displacement measurementWithin ± 1% of the value shown
Breakpoint ratio setting0~99%,The user can set the proper break downtime according to different materials
Test bench safety deviceUp and down stroke limiting device
Overload protectionOver 10% of the maximum load, the machine is automatically protected
Fixture configurationA set of stretching fixtures
Machine size550×400×1820mm
Machine weightAbout 100 Kg

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