LR-CDW-60 Impact Test Low Temperature Tester

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LR-CDW-60  Impact Test Low Temperature Tester


The low temperature meter of the CDW type impact test is the compressor refrigeration equipment developed by the company in accordance with the requirements of GB/t229-2007 metal charpy notch impact test method.This equipment is simple and convenient operation, no chemical pollution, no noise, no vibration, no wear, small volume, light weight, simple operation and high control precision, and can work continuously, is the most ideal metal materials in the low temperature impact test specimen cooling, heat preservation equipment.It can also be used for other low temperature detection and test work.

LR-CDW-60  Impact Test Low Temperature Tester

Technical parameters

Temperature range 30~-60℃
Temperature control accuracy ±0.5℃
Work slot 120mm*120mm*70mm(Can be customized according to user requirements)
Working medium Anhydrous ethanol (alcohol tank)
Power supply 220V~240V,50HZ
Overall dimensions 910mm*500mm*870mm
The net weight About 90kg