LR-DSC300L Differential Scanning Calorimeter

DSC measures the relationship between temperature and heat flow related to the thermal transition inside a material. It has a wide range of applications, especially in material research and development, performance testing and quality control. Material characteristics: such as glass transition temperature. Cold crystallization, phase transition, melting, crystallization, thermal stability, curing/cross-linking, oxidation induction, etc., are the research and development areas of DSC.

LR-DSC300L Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Main Features:

1. New furnace structure, better resolution and resolution as well as better baseline stability instrument master chip

2. The instrument can use two-way control (host control, software control), friendly interface, easy to operate

3. Imported chip controller, faster operation and processing speed, more temperature control

4. 7 inch 24bit full color LCD touch screen, more friendly interface

Technical parameters:

1. Temperature range: -170~600 ° C

2. Temperature resolution: 0.001℃

3. Temperature fluctuation: ±0.01℃

4. Heating rate: 0.1 ~ 100℃/min

5. Cooling rate: 0.1~40℃/min

6. Constant temperature time: can be set by oneself

7. Temperature control mode: heating, constant temperature, cooling (automatic program control)

8. Scanning mode: temperature scanning, temperature scanning

9.DSC range: 0 ~ ±600mW

10.DSC resolution: 0.01uW

11. DSC: 0.001 mW

12. Power supply: AC220V/50Hz or customized

13. Atmosphere control gas: two automatic switch (instrument automatic switch)

14.10. Program control: six stages of temperature rise and constant temperature control can be realized, and special parameters can be customized

15. Gas flow: 0-300ml /min

16. Gas pressure: ≤5MPa

17. Display mode: 24bit color, 7 “LCD touch screen display

18. Data interface: standard USB interface

19. Parameter standard: equipped with reference materials (indium, tin, lead), users can adjust the temperature by themselves

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