Leather Flexing Tester applies to the scratching resistance test of leather,lining,fabric and the similar material at room temperature. One sideface of the sample is as the inner surface and the other sideface as the outside surface and bend this surface back and forth, write down the times that the sample have breaked;or set the breakage time,then take it out and observe the degree it broke.

The main technical parameters:

Fixture option :12 Groups

Specimens test block 70×45mm, attach cutting knif

Bending Angle 22.5°

Bend speed 100±5cm

Counter LCD display, 0-999999 Automatic shutdown

Machine Size 500×580×300mm

Weight (A)69kg  (B)78kg

Power 1#, AC220V,20A

Design criteria BS-3144,JIB-K6545

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