Scope of application:

It is a powerful, general instrument, through a wide range of redesigned, with a modern look and a series of new features, inherent flexibility to test a wide range of material category, including textiles, fabric, paper, cardboard, plastics and medical products, etc.

Test standard :

GB/T 7742 textile fabric bursting performance part 1: determination of the hydraulic method of bursting strength and expansion breaking expansions

ISO 13938.1, FZ/T 60019, FZ/T 01030, ASTM D3786, BS 4768, WOOLMARK TM 29,

WSP 30.1, JIS L 1018.6.17

Device characteristics :

  1. Adopt hydraulic method to meet the new national standard.
  2. Touch screen control, the interface is simple and easy to understand, easy to operate and intuitive, touch sensitive.
  3. Pneumatic clamps, evenly divided, and adjustable clamp pressure to avoid slippage or damage, easy to use.
  4. The test cover is high transparent plexiglass, with LED light illumination, which can clearly observe the sample experiment process.It absorbs the magnet

Installation, replacement and disassembly is convenient.

  1. Automatic induction blasting system, sensitive and reliable.
  2. Install the organic glass cover to prevent the entreners and use more safety.
  3. Adopt ac servo drive system, synchronous belt wheel drive, low noise, wide range of speed adjustment and high accuracy of operation.
  4. High speed AD and processor, high sampling frequency and high test accuracy.
  5. Domestic only: steady expansion, pressure, fixed expansion and timing of four test methods.
  6. The instrument comes with a thermal printer to print the report directly, and supports the online work with professional computer software.

Technical parameters:

  1. Measurement range: (full range 1% ~ 100%)
Model-2 model-10 model
Minimum dividing value0.001Mpa0.003Mpa
  1. Pressure accuracy: less than 0.2%FS
  2. Expansion height accuracy: less than 0.2%FS

4, test area: 7.3 cm2 Φ (7.3 mm), 10 cm2 Φ (35.7 mm)

50 cm2 (79.8 mm) Φ, 100 cm2 Φ (112.8 mm)

  1. Maximum expansions: 75;
  2. Pressure rate: 20-600ml/min
  3. Test method: steady and burst, steady pressure, fixed expansion and timing of four test methods
  4. Pressure units: kPa, kg/cm2, bar, lb/in2
  5. Work power: AC220V/50Hz power: 200W
  6. Dimensions: 550 x 450 x 700mm
  7. Weight: 125Kg


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