Scope of application: Used for various kinds of textiles, non-woven fabrics, leather and other materials. The performance measurement of tension and dilatation is performed when the force (elastic diaphragm method) is applied in the warp and weft.

Test standard GB/T7742 FZ/T60019 ISO2960 ASTMD3786, etc Device Characteristics :

  1. Adopt air pressure method to meet the new national standard.
  2. Pneumatic clamps, evenly divided, and adjustable clamp pressure to avoid slippage or damage, easy to use.
  3. Touch screen control, the interface is simple and easy to understand, easy to operate and intuitive, touch sensitive.
  4. The test cover is high transparent plexiglass, with LED light illumination, which can clearly observe the sample experiment process.It is for the magnet to absorb and install, change and disassemble is convenient.
  5. Automatic induction blasting system, sensitive and reliable.
  6. Adopt ac servo drive system with precision air pressure pump to suppress the stability and wide application scope.
  7. High speed AD and processor, high sampling frequency and high test accuracy.
  8. The instrument comes with a thermosensitive printer to print the report directly, and supports the online work with professional computer software.

Technical parameters:

  1. Instrument range: 1.2mpa
  2. Pressure accuracy: less than 0.2%FS
  3. Expansion height accuracy: less than 0.2%FS

4, test area: 7.3 cm2 Φ (7.3 mm), 10 cm2 Φ (35.7 mm), 50 cm2 Φ (79.8 mm) 100 cm2 Φ (3112.8 mm)

  1. Maximum expansion: 70
  2. Pressure units: kPa, kg/cm2, bar, lb/in2
  3. Power source: AC20V 50Hz 200W
  4. Dimensions: 600 x 400 x 530mm

9.Weight: 200Kg    

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