Scope of application :

Used for the pilling performance test of various woven fabrics and woven fabrics.

Test standard:

GB/T 4802.1 the first part of the circular trajectory method of the pilling performance of textile fabrics

Device characteristics:

  1. The instrument adopts LCD in Chinese, the interface is simple and easy to understand, easy to operate and equipped with metal keys;
  2. Linear guide slide, dc motor drive and PI control algorithm speed adjustment, making the instrument run smoothly and with low noise.
  3. The instrument is operated in a non-polar speed control, and the customer sets the free speed according to the experiment.
  4. The user can set the required working mode according to the requirements, and the instrument has many options:

Counting method: number count, time count;

Counting mode: counting and subtracting;

  1. At the same time, it can set up the starting hair and the counting value of the ball. In the test interface, it is possible to switch by stopping the key and not need to set the numerical value repeatedly.

Technical parameters :

  1. Motion trajectory: the circular motion of phi 40mm;
  2. Brush adjustable height: 2-12mm;
  3. Sample pressure: chemical fiber fabric pressure is 590cN;

The pressure of combed wool is 780cN;

Pressure of coarse combing fabric is 490cN;

  1. Sample specification: phi 112.8 mm, (100mm2);
  2. Speed control range: (40 ~ 80)
  3. Two ways of counting: number of times: 1 ~ 99999 times;

Time count: 1 ~ 999 points;

  1. Working voltage: AC220V/50Hz power: 40w;
  2. External dimensions: 560 x 350 x 380mm;

Weight: 28Kg.













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