Scope of application: used for testing the ball degree of fabric (especially wool knitted fabric) under pressure.

Test standard : GB/T4802.3, ISO 12945.1, BS5811, JIS L1076, IWS TM152

Device Characteristics :

  1. Imported polyurethane sample tube and imported rubber cork.
  1. Lining rubber cork adopts detachable design to facilitate self-replacement.
  1. Non-contact photoelectric count, liquid crystal display.

Technical Specification

Box number2Set4Set6 Set
Inner size235×235×235mm  
Enclosure speed60±2r/min  
counter range1~99999times  
Sample tubeoutsideΦ31.5×140 mm,4pcs/box  
powerAc 220V±10%   50Hz   120W  
Outside size(mm)1200×500×5001200×500×8001200×500×1100


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